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Our manicure and pedicure treatments are based around natural nail care. Each manicure or pedicure is tailored specifically to help improve your nails. Our therapists analyze each individual nail and use appropriate revitalizing products to help nourish and protect the nail and cuticle. We will also advise on a home-care regime to prolong your Manicure.


A treatment to transform your hands and nail when time is of the essence, cuticles are treated and nails are shaped, hand massage and your choice of nail polish is applied
45 Minutes £37

Hands are bathed in a warm moisturising soak, cuticles are treated and nails are shaped, a light exfoliating scrub is applied, followed by a hydrating masque with heated mitts. Thermal mittens and booties offer deeper penetration of oils and creams, also softening cuticles. They also help improve circulation and soothing stiff joints.
Finishing with a moisturizing massage of the hands, and your choice of polish is applied.
60 Minutes £44

If you are looking for a manicure that lasts, this the perfect treatment for you. It does not damage the underlying nail and works with your nail to keep it healthy.
This soak-off gel nail overlay is shaped to your natural nail.

Gel polish manicures offer a more robust yet natural solution to great looking nails.

  • Perfect nails for between 2-3 weeks with long-lasting high gloss shine
  • Protects the natural nail – gives weak, bitten or problem nails the chance to grow
  • Flawlessly dry in seconds- no smudging
  • Simple removal – can be removed in 15 minutes or less with no trauma to the natural nail
  • Can be used with other natural nail products for complete nail care.

We have a fantastic selection of colours to pick from the best brand in the industry

Add this to any of our manicures or pedicures for just £13


A mini foot treatment to transform your feet and nails. Sit back and rest your feet, while we can quickly revamp your feet for any special occasion when time is limited.
Awaken your senses and discover the restorative powers of Asian aquatic plant extracts to purify, cleanse, soothe and calm your feet with revitalising foot soak crystals.
Cuticles are treated and nails are shaped. Feet are exfoliated and hydrated. Nails are then filed to a suitable shape and finished with a colour of your choice.
60 Minutes £42

Sit back and enjoy our Calming and Revitalising luxury products for this luxurious foot and leg treatment. This treatment includes hard skin removal, microdermabrasion scrub, feet and legs are massaged with a light silkening blend of sunflower seeds and coconut oil providing long-lasting softness and moisturisation.
Cuticles are groomed, toe nails are filed to a suitable shape and finished with a polish of your choice.
75 Minutes £52

Callus peel
This quick and easy callus peel removes callus just like orange peel. Unlike filing and blades, this really works to remove hard skin and keep the skin on your feet soft and callus free.

The skin-soft peel gently penetrates into the epidermal layer of the foot softening the callus to enable dead skin to be gently scraped off and then buffed. The treatment is then followed by a soothing, conditioning moisturiser which then leaves you with sandal-ready feet.

Add this to any pedicure for just £13

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