Curly Hair

Curly Hair

For those blessed with beautiful curls or waves and following ‘The Curly Girl Method’ we will gladly follow as best we can your routine.

We are happy to cut curly hair when it’s dry and/or ‘co-wash’ using your preferred products.

Although not yet Curly Girl approved; we consider ourselves a ‘Curly friendly salon’.

We have researched tirelessly the various techniques and those of us with curly or wavy hair follow many aspects of the methods ourselves so, we really can understand your hair and the frustrations it sometimes brings.

Feel free to pop in for a FREE consultation to discuss your needs and perhaps sometimes fears. We’d love the opportunity to put your mind at ease.

For those of you that have just stumbled across us or the method, we recommend purchasing ‘The Curly Girl Handbook’. It can be found easily on Amazon for less than £10!


Curl by Curl cutting with Jodie or Katherine 

Wash, Cut & Finish (1hour 30mins) £95

Dry-cut with no wash or finish (for existing clients only)  £76


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